Hotmail - MSN takeover

May 22, 2011

See the Hotmail home page takeover here.

Hotmail - Poster

June 02, 2010

Care to take a look at the poster?

Hotmail - Website module

May 30, 2010

The New Busy; tireless souls who search relentlessly for innovative and creative ways to squeeze more and more out of every minute of their day, every moment of their being, every well err.., you get the idea.

Audrey is one of theses individuals. For her, as a hard working call centre operator, travelling to the gym is not always an option.

Instead, Audrey has created a world of fitness within her office cubicle - allowing her to workout whilst working (that's simultaneously). Her system uses objects from her desk, transformed into ingenious pieces of exercise apparatus.

Audrey will instruct you how to use the items from your own personal desk and build a powerful work-out routine with them.

Click here to experience the madness

Hotmail - Website module

May 29, 2010

The New Busy can't just sit around watching paint dry, grass grow and other metaphorical time wasting activities. For the New Busy time is a precious commodity. A gift. Something to be savoured, relished, and never wasted. The diary therefore is a thing that deserves much care and attention.

This module enables the the New Busy to seek out weird, wonderful and exciting experiences with a click (or two) of their collective mice.

Click here to see it in action

118118 - Viral

May 28, 2010

This is the most awarded spot from the 118118 campaign, picking up almost as many gongs as the original Honda commercial; a BTAA gold, a Cannes Silver lion and a One Show Bronze.

Click here to watch

Baileys - TV commercial

May 27, 2010

Click here to watch

3 Zoom - TV commercial

May 26, 2010

Part of the 3 "We like music" campaign this ad promotes 3's music offering of downloading tracks and watching music videos on your mobile.

Click here to watch

The British Army - Website

May 25, 2010

Be the Best - One Silver D&AD, one Silver Nomination.

Click here to play the original missions

BMW 1nderland - Online Game

May 24, 2010

As well as launching the all new BMW 1Series, this game also promoted The Prodigy’s track "You’ll be under my wheels".

By finishing the course players also complete the track.

Click here to play

3 King of the Planet - Online game

May 23, 2010

Click here to see more

Flora London Marathon - Poster

May 22, 2010

Campaign Poster Silver nominations.

Care to take a look?

D&AD Awards - Bluejacking

October 17, 2006

At this years D&AD there was no category awarding work done on the Mobile.

This seemed to be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Mobile as a creative communication medium.

We greeted guests with a message on their phone reminding them to keep it switched on all evening. Then as the night went on they received a series of branded messages.

The result was some of the most unexpected things seen all evening.

Carnival Map - MMS

October 16, 2006

With over a million people descending onto the streets of west London over two days, Notting Hill Carnival represents the height of organised chaos.

We identified two factors key to overall enjoyment of the day; Cold beer and not getting lost.

The problem of lowering beer temperature using just a mobile phone proved to be beyond the limits of our R&D department. However, a map showing the carnival route, local landmarks and how to navigate around blocked roads was a breeze.


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